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Trustees & Staff

The Meeting Room is managed by a small team of four trustees - Paul Adair, Harriet Edgley, Richard Furze and Fran Kane. Each of us has our own areas of focus and expertise, and we compliment each other very well in what we bring to the charity.


Our two staff, Lisa and Gayle, are at the heart of all that we do at The Meeting Room.  Lisa is our Head of Client Support and is very ably assisted by Gayle.  They are very experienced in dealing with and supporting our clients, and always just seem to know what to do.

Paul Adair

Richard Furze


Fran Kane


Harriet Edgley






Our fantastic volunteers are an essential part of what we do at The Meeting Room. They give their time, skills, compassion and companionship to make a huge difference in the lives of our clients.


We always need more volunteers to help us continue this important work. By joining us, you can make an impact in our local community and help us support even more people in need.

We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:


Help support our day to day operations by managing databases, collecting data, and other administrative tasks.


  • Collect and organise data

  • Database management

  • Ensure adherence to policies and procedures

  • Help coordinate fundraising efforts

Digital Marketing
Work with the team to develop our online presence or run a fundraising campaign online.

  • Increase social media engagement with posts and content

  • Boost our online presence to reach a wider audience

  • Improve our website by adding extra capabilities

  • Help create digital marketing assets with a focus on online fundraising

  • Create templates for reports, graphics, and more

Drop-ins and Activities
Work with our brilliant Client Service Managers in socialising directly with our clients.


  • Attend the drop-in centres

  • Cook or help serve a hot lunch

  • Provide a friendly ear to our clients

  • Run an informal talk or workshop

  • Assist in organising walks, away days, or overnight stays

Help keep things running smoothly behind the scenes by organising food donations and event setup.


  • Collect food donations from local businesses

  • Drop off donations to our clients

  • Help manage other donations (clothes, hygiene products etc

  • Manage storage of donated items 

  • Assist in the setup of events

Whether you have a few hours a month or want to be part of a regular activity, become a volunteer today and be part of something truly special.

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