The Meeting Room is focussed on meeting the immediate needs of vulnerable individuals and providing a route to a more settled and sustainable lifestyle.  Rebuilding lives and confidence is a longer-term project and requires trust, patience and the ability to work with people over a sustained period.  We are strongly dedicated to helping people move on from their immediate issues to a situation where they are better able to cope with modern life, finding work and contributing to the local community.



The Meeting Room is funded totally by charitable donations. During a typical week, The Meeting Room supports around 60 people. Unfortunately, we find the need for our services to be growing constantly and we would love to help more people and continue to grow our range of services.  Everything we offer to our clients is free of charge.  We are especially grateful for the generosity of several local churches that provide their premises for free and our amazing volunteers who are so generous in giving their time.  We have two full-time staff that are ably supported by a team of over 30 volunteers and cooks.

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The Mole Valley Community Lottery is managed by Mole Valley District Council and all the good causes involved are non-profit organisations that benefit Mole Valley and its residents. Each lottery ticket costs £1, with 50p going to a good cause of the player’s choice and 10p to a fund run by MVDC which benefits climate change initiatives, the Environment Fund, in Mole Valley. Players can also select this as their main good cause.

The draw is held weekly on a Saturday evening. For more information and to sign up, visit